Carpentry Shop

June – Carpentry

At GreenRoots Landscaping we have been hard at work making improvements to our workspaces to make us more efficient and better able to produce quality work over the past few years. One area of our expertise is carpentry. Our carpentry workspace has gotten a serious upgrade in the form of square footage! A dedicated carpentry shop gives our team the ability to dedicate space and time to create some amazing things. Let us highlight our awesome carpentry shop and what we’ve been able to create with our dedicated space!

The Carpentry Shop:

A workspace with the necessary tools is the best way to start any project.



We love to use lattice as screening in gardens and let plants climb the walls. Or to train an espalier tree to climb the lattice.



Screening can be used in a multitude of ways. Most typically we use screens to hide eye sores and/or to provide privacy. Covering those unsightly trash cans and air conditioner units is the perfect way to make an outdoor retreat look complete without losing any function. I mean, we all have trash unfortunately.

screen-close-2-1200x795 (1).jpg


In our shop we will often be creating a “showpiece” gate. A well designed gate can be the entrance to your secret garden!


We use a lot of flagstone and rightly so because of its beauty and durability. But sometimes a wood deck is the right choice. Either aesthetically or for function.

IMG_5628-800x1067 (1).jpg


Raised planters are great for any space. They are perfectly suited for vegetables and herbs. Or in compact spaces for annuals!



Every project we do is custom to the home, family’s needs, and property. But we love to truly think outside of the box. Bring us your idea so we can get creative!