You do pools?

Yes we do!

We get it, you think of us as a company that mostly does landscaping and patios. But every project starts with a design. If you’re adding a swimming pool it is critical that you start with a carefully designed landscape design. A pool is a semi permanent decision and so every area of the property should be considered when planning the perfect pool oasis. I say semi permanent because of course a pool can be removed or moved, it is just very costly with little to show for the effort and cost. But if the pool is carefully planned around your family’s needs, it is an investment for you and your family to enjoy for decades.


You probably know by now that we believe every successful backyard begins with a carefully designed landscape design. That is why we recommend you coming to us as the first step in achieving your dream pool. A carefully designed pool should take into account:

  •  Your family’s lifestyle

  •  The flow of your property

  •  Your outdoor needs, fire pit, shade, soft seating, outdoor dining, what is most important to you?

All of the other elements of you property should be planned around the flow of your outdoor space and your pool space. The flow from your indoor living space should make going from inside to outside as seamless and natural as possible. The goal is to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible!


When we install pools at GreenRoots Landscaping we start with the landscape design and we oversee every part of the pool installation. We typically use an experienced pool contractor for the construction of the actual pool, tiling and plumbing but very other process will be closely managed by GreenRoots.

Come to us first and ensure your pool project is done expertly the first time from design to that first dip!

Contact Us today to set up a consultation for your dream pool!