How to Prepare for a Landscape Consultation

We know that sometimes the hardest step to take in achieving your outdoor space goals is the first step, to reach out! The first step in our world is setting up a landscape design consultation. This is where you call or email us and we set up a meeting with you and a landscape designer to discuss what you are dreaming of for your property.


Perhaps what is holding you back is that you are not sure what that initial meeting would look like, or you don't know what you would need for that first meeting. Typically, for the first landscape design consultation the designer sets up an appointment time that suits you both and they come to your property to start dreaming with you about the possibilities!

Perhaps you are the type that likes to be well prepared for any meeting, we understand that since that is how we operate as well! So here are some things that you can do to prepare for your first landscape design consultation:

  1. Dream

    1. Every dream backyard starts with exactly that, the dream! What is your dream backyard? A pool to enjoy with the family? A patio big enough to entertain? A spa to enjoy all year long? A place to relax and enjoy your property? A three season room fit to watch the big game? What would make you be able to enjoy your outdoor space at its full potential? Visualizing an amazing space is truly the first step in making it happen!

  2. Pull inspiration photos

    1. We would encourage you to pick up a few landscaping, hardscaping and landscape design magazines, or pinning on the all-encompassing Pinterest and see what style and set ups get you excited! Sharing examples with your designer of what makes you excited about enjoying your outdoor space is a great way to get you and the designer onto the same page early in the game.

    2. If design inspiration is where you are lacking, that is no problem and even “un-ties” our designers hands a bit to help you create an amazing space that suits your style and fits your property! A large part of what our designers do is help you visualize what your outdoor space could look like!

  3. Set a budget

    1. Setting a budget could feel like a deterrent from dream making, but setting a budget will put you and your landscape designer on the same page as quickly as possible. Once the designer is aware of your budget we can focus on working within that number to do as much as possible that is still expertly designed and installed. If your budget is more of a we want to do this part now, and a different part later that is also important to consider early on so that the designer can help you “game plan” for your larger goal. For example if you were thinking you want a patio now, and a pool in 2 years we would design the entire space and install the patio to complement the pool down the road. Versus a situation where the patio would have to be torn out to make way for what would come later. We believe in doing things correctly the first time, even if the project will be done in stages.

  4. Set priorities

    1. Setting priorities goes back into budget because sometimes our budget cannot cover our entire dream. Setting priorities and even actually numbering them in order can help you narrow your focus to what’s really important for you and/or your family. Some common priorities would be, outdoor dining space, an outdoor fireplace, a kid friendly pool, dog friendly landscaping, a chicken coop, a space you can use year round, soft seating, outdoor grilling. These are common priorities but priorities are as unique as you are, what is most important for you to be able to use and enjoy your property?

  5. Set a timeline

    1. To be honest, any company that you want to trust to expertly design and install your dream backyard will be busy. So often times timelines can be a tricky thing. I know myself as a consumer, that I want things done asap, well really yesterday! But typically there will be customers that are lined up and ready to go before you. That being said if you have a timeline in mind, or some sort of deadline like a graduation party, an annual July 4th picnic, a fall fest that you want your project done by, communicating those expectations early is important!

    2. Realistically there are projects that we can complete from design to installation very quickly! But for more expansive projects, for example a pool installation, keep in mind that permitting alone can take a month.

    3. Don’t lose steam over this, communication is the most important part. Keep communicating your expectations and wishes with your designer and we will work together to get your project done beautifully and expertly.


Taking the time to consider these suggestions will make your whole project, from design to installation go that much more smoothly. Because at the end of the day this process starts with trust and communication.

See? It’s not so hard! Email us to take the next step and set up a free landscape design consultation today!