Meet the Dogs of GreenRoots

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Anyone who’s visited our office knows that it’s dog-friendly. But who are the doggos of GreenRoots? Well, in no particular order...




Name: Keith aka Keitharoo aka Keitharooni Pantalooni

Breed: Boxer/lab

Best/Biggest Personality Trait: Stubbornness, I can and I will win - that's not a threat thats a promise but I will do it from the comforts of my own bed because standing up and moving sounds utterly exhausting and causes stress and stress is something I FERVENTLY disagree with!

Favorite Hobbie: Murder - the good kind im saving mankind one groundhog at a time from the laying in the downward dog position because once again standing is a hard pass.

Favorite Book: Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers: The Acclaimed Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases, and Coping by Robert M. Sapolsky

Favorite thing about GreenRoots: I mean have you seen our designs? Since I pride myself in not moving all day I have a unique perspective of the time and consideration my best pal, Josh takes into every design and let me tell ya, if I can see them from downward dog, they're captivating!

Favorite Quote: "I treat myself pretty good. I take lots of vacations, I eat well, I take supplements, I do mercury detox, I get plenty of sleep, I drink plenty of water and I stay away from drama and stress." - Reba McEntire




Name: Trevor aka Trev Man

Breed: Hodgepodge hound

Best/Biggest Personality Trait: Assertive, undeniable belief in himself and high levels of doubt in anyone else

Favorite Hobbie: Robbery - steal from the rich to give to the poor (me), I'm basically a modern day Robin Hood (Disney version, more relatable)

Favorite Book: George Washington’s Mother by Jean Fritz - a book about the trials and tribulations of George’s mother, yet still a woman with the will power to get what she wants! Educational and inspirational.

Favorite thing about GreenRoots: Cousin Keith

Favorite Quote: "One can steal ideas, but no one can steal execution or passion" - Tim Ferriss




Name: Kyle - tripod aka Ky Guy

Breed: Anatolian shephard/ hound / tripod

Best/Biggest Personality Trait: Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose. - If I give you the puppy eyes that means I deserve more love than you are currently giving me even if you are petting me, then you should be hugging me, then you can’t lose cause we'll both have full hearts!

Favorite Hobbie: Nubbin 'round town with the girl I love (momma)

Favorite Book: Victors and Victims: Are You Being Held Back by a Victim Mentality? by K.R Harrison- It's important for self- reflection and self growth yettttttt I don’t believe this pertains to me as I am a survivor, my leg will never grow back I deserve all the love I get. Honestly, I deserve more really. 

Favorite thing about GreenRoots: Since my momma only gives me love and attention 90% of the day it's nice to know I have somewhere I can go to receive more of the love and attention that I rightly deserve - have I mentioned I’m a tripod?

Favorite Quote: "There is nothing stupid about wanting to be loved. Believe me" - Nina LaCour




Name: Tilly aka Tillunatic aka Tillbo-baggins

Breed: Cavachon

Best/Biggest Personality Trait: Accepting of others for who they are and however they want to treat me I am a-okay with, I never say no!

Favorite Hobbie: Dating - I currently have 4 boyfriends and I’m always accepting applications for more.. it's a pretty lenient process

Favorite Book: Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals by Rachel Hollis - Be yourself be free, don’t let anyone put you in a box! 

Favorite thing about GreenRoots: How I can see 3 of my boyfriends at once, makes time management a lot easier to handle!

Favorite Quote: "When it comes to dating, I'm straightforward and traditional with a twist." - Luke Pasqualino


In case you need more:

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How to staycation (and actually rest!)

While a getaway vacation is certainly nice, oftentimes the effort put into planning a vacation to an island in the sun takes so much organizing that it’s difficult to actually relax. And let’s face it, it also involves A LOT of money: airfare, hotel, transportation, food, drinks… it adds up.

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Your Best-Ever 4th of July Patio Party

Your Best-Ever 4th of July Patio Party

The kids are out of school, the fireflies are coming out at night, and it’s (sadly) getting very warm. It’s clear: July is just around the corner.

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Carpentry Shop

Carpentry Shop

At GreenRoots Landscaping we have been hard at work making improvements to our workspaces to make us more efficient and better able to produce quality work over the past few years. One area of our expertise is carpentry. Our carpentry workspace has gotten a serious upgrade in the form of square footage! A dedicated carpentry shop gives our team the ability to dedicate space and time to create some amazing things. Let us highlight our awesome carpentry shop and what we’ve been able to create with our dedicated space!

You do pools?

You do pools?

We get it, you think of us as a company that mostly does landscaping and patios. But every project starts with a design. If you’re adding a swimming pool it is critical that you start with a carefully designed landscape design. A pool is a semi permanent decision and so every area of the property should be considered when planning the perfect pool oasis. I say semi permanent because of course a pool can be removed or moved, it is just very costly with little to show for the effort and cost. But if the pool is carefully planned around your family’s needs, it is an investment for you and your family to enjoy for decades.

Spring Blooms

Spring Blooms

Flowers are the most promising sign that spring is here and that summer is coming. When those first daffodils start to pop out of the ground we know there will be more and more flowers and blooms to come! 

Spring is known for flowers and spring blooms, and rightly so. April is officially spring, but let’s be real, not everything is in bloom yet. But there are many plants and trees that are at the most beautiful in April. Here is a good list of what we can look forward to this month:

Welcome 2019!

Welcome 2019!

We all have too much stress in our lives! The holidays are a great time to sit back and relax, but we all know they can induce a great amount of stress as well. One of the greatest ways to relieve stress is to get outside and enjoy nature!